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        Garden Journal

        Understand Your Garden

        The best education in gardening is to learn through experience. Keeping a record avoids repeating mistakes and frustration over wasted time and space. With the Journal you'll learn more about your garden with every observation and photo you add.

        Garden Journal and Diary Apps

        Pocket Sized Garden

        The Journal makes keeping track of your progress quick and easy. Take photos outside, then upload along with written notes right from your mobile or tablet device. Record when you planted or last watered, diagnose problems and see how much you've harvested.

        App to record your gardening progress

        Expert Advice

        The Journal includes essential weather forecasts, growing advice for almost 200 vegetables, herbs and fruit, plus videos and written guides on the best gardening techniques.

        Expert gardening guides and videos

        Helping You Improve

        Understanding what to do next makes a huge difference to the success of your garden so the Journal pulls all your information together with reports on your progress and reminders for the coming weeks.

        Gardening reports and reminders
        Vegetable garden planting calendar

        Reminders by Email

        Subscribe and receive email reminders of what needs planting in your garden and any planned gardening tasks

        Plan which vegetable varieties to grow

        Varieties from Popular Seed Suppliers

        Choose from thousands of varieties from many of the most popular seed suppliers around the world or add your own

        Ask questions to our community of gardeners

        Gardening Community

        Over 500,000 active members across the most popular social media channels. Browse plans from gardeners in your area and exchange advice

        Customer support with technical and gardening expertise

        High Quality Customer Support

        We focus on providing the level of customer support which we would like to receive. Got a question about our services? Get in touch with real gardeners here

        Try it Now

        The Garden Journal is free to use. We love it and can't wait to hear what you think too.

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